3 Non- Toxic Produce Washes

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

Its really important if you aren't buying Organic or Spray Free produce to ensure you are washing them well to remove the chemicals before you eat them, washing under the tap is just not going to cut it - pesticides are oil based and water repellent!!! Even if you are purchasing Organic or Spray Free you should still wash them to remove dirt and residue from handling & transporting of the produce (just think how many hands touch that before it gets to you????)

There are a few options when it comes to washing your produce and it just depends on your preferences and if you like to make your own or not.

So heres 3 options to wash your Fresh Produce

1. Strong Kangen water 11.5

2. Norwex Fresh Wash

3. DIY produce Wash

1. Strong Kangen Water 11.5

Strong Kangen is produced by the Enagic Kangen Machines (a drinking water filter & ioniser but has so so many uses for the 5 types of water it