3 ways to DIY Aromatherapy Play-dough

Make your own Aromatherapy Play-dough for your kids.

Kids of all ages love playing with play-dough, its fun, their imagination can go wild, its good for fine motor muscles and a great sensory tool which is enhanced with the use of good quality essential oils.

Homeschooling right now? or even if this your usual thing like us ...

Why not make some Aromatherapy Play-dough with the kids.

Cooking with the kids covers many subject areas English - learning and reading about a procedure text, Maths- measuring liquids and solids and fractions, science, Life skills and then then play-dough itself lends itself to many opportunities as well.

Play-dough is great fun for kids of all ages and a great learning and sensory tool as well, Get creative.

  • The added benefit of the essential oils is that you can provide calming, grounding or uplift the mood through the oils you choose. You could even make it a guessing game to guess the scent.