Kick the Winter bugs in the Butt!

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

This week we all went down with a cold and hit super hard the first day and man oh man was it tough parenting haha.

Now when this happen this really reminds us that we have let things slip - our Oily routine and nourishing our bodies - so it reminds us we need to pick our game up again (we rarely get sick). So it was time to kick things back into gear and nourish our bodies.

Now while I was sick i also decided to watch the Magic Pill documentary with the kids, they found it really interesting and they really dont understand why the food in the supermarkets is there and why people eat all the packaged processed fake foods. Proud Mummy moment I must say!!!! It was another great reminder that our eating habbits had dropped a little and we needed to stop making excuses why we couldnt do better again! I mean we now have a full functioning Kitchen with a sink with running water and all haha, although a fridge/freezer bigger then 100L would be much much better, but again just an excuse haha. So i decided right then and there that we would do the 10 week Paleo Way program (which is FREE here!), even though i know how to eat this way and we havent been eating too bad, We just need to reset habbits & mindset so the recipes, meal plans (totally editable), and the shopping lists is just going to make that so much easier!