Natural Insect Repellent Recipe

Part of life on the road is always going to involve the insects, especially the pesky Mozzies, for us conventional mozzie spray was never an option! We have made many concious choices about being a low tox family and this trip was never a reaskn to change that. We thought we were prepared to address them with our doTERRA TerraArmour essential oil blend which was made for this very purpose, however we soon discovered while at our first stop at Cedar Grove camp ground in the Amamoor State Forest, that it really wasnt going to cut it for bush camping and while we were in Poona visiting my Grandma we also found we needed to experiment again for the Sand flies as well as the mozzies.

So first I made a blend using this mix of oils and it seemed to stand up to the mozzies quite well.

I used 3 drops patchouli 15 drops purify 5 basil 3 lemongrass 3 Arborvitae In the empty 30ml TerraArmour bottle and topped up with Fractionated Coconut oil. This Blend held up well for the Mozzies but when we got to Poona we found it wasnt standing up to the Sandflies so I added to this blend and this was my final recipe that i stick to now when ever we need it.