Throw Back to the Start of Our Journey

Wow we have reached the 12 month mark since we packed up everything we owned and hit the road, we have realized we never really blogged our trip properly or gave any reviews of where we went.

So with the big anniversary here and our exciting move into our bus in a few weeks we thought we should do a throwback series over the next few weeks to share where we went, what we loved and what we may not have loved so much. We also want to share with you, as we are asked all of the time, how we have found being a family of 5 in a soft floor basic camper trailer for so long.

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So without further ado lets throwback to March 2018!

Our decision to do this would have seemed very very sudden to everyone around us, as we decided 5 weeks out from the end of our lease that this is what we were doing, however this has been a dream of ours since as long as we can remember, we had just let life , expectations and limiting beliefs get in our way of pursuing it (does this sound familiar for any of your dreams?). So really it wasnt sudden or random, it was just us going “Do you know what? we are just going to do this and work it out as we go because life is too short and we are sick of not living the life we want!!” and so we did and will continue to do so and will not let anything or anyone stop us or make us doubt how our life will be lived!

This was our Test run of setting up the camper trailer, the kids were super excited.