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Self Awareness Meditation

Tree Meditation

Self awareness is important for growth and to create balance. Creativity is a way to gain deeper insights and understandings of yourself as well as an outlet for your creative side and to fill your soul.

Enjoy this Self Awareness Meditation and the Creative exercise that goes with this. 

This Meditation goes for 32mins, there is a creative activity to go with this as well its best if you can do this straight after, however if you dont have the time for both in one sitting, make sure you journal well after it for a few minutes so when you come back to it you have your notes to remind you.

self awareness tree
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Self Awareness Creative Meditation

Self-awareness is the ability to tune in to your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

People who are self-aware recognize their strengths and their challenges.

“Look outside and you will see yourself. Look inside and you will find yourself.”
— Drew Gerald

This simple quote explains the importance of self-introspection. Finding yourself is the basis for any improvement. You need to know where you are. Who you are. What you are. How you are. And most importantly, Why you are.

To be self-aware is to note what you have and don't. It's to take the reigns of your life in your hands and stop “hoping for better”. Instead you can start working on making things better.

This meditation explores your strengths, the challenges you are experiencing, the areas you wish to improve and how you need to go about making those changes. I Guide through your self, visualising yourself as a tree and how you view yourself from different angles, you tune into your inner guidance of how to move forward in the areas you wish to change and self acknowledgement of the progress you have already made. The visualisation is then taken into a journaling and creative activity for you to explore further. Creativity is also great out let for the soul.

Reawaken stories (2).png

The Doors To Reawaken Are Open!


Reawaken is for you if you are a woman who desires to live life on your own terms. You have dreams and desires for the life and business/career you want for yourself and your family, with the freedom to do the things that light you up and bring you joy. You crave a balance and soul aligned life that allows you to prioritise yourself without guilt or pressure. You are ready to shine your light and set your soul on fire. You are ready to embrace and step into your divine purpose and power.


You have been putting others first for so long you have forgotten what brings you joy, fills you with passion and purpose. Your life is so busy theres no time for you and the things you love. You feel like you are treading water trying to do all the things and can only manage the bare minimum self-care tasks, that you stretch yourself thin trying to do all the things that you end up exhausted and never truly being present. You know your life is not what you want it to be but you don’t know how to bring it back on track.

During our 8 weeks together in Reawaken you will reconnect with yourself on a soul deep level, find who you are again and embrace all that you are meant to be. You will find the soul aligned practices, habits and boundaries that will allow you to reclaim your time, power and life. You will gain clarity on your purpose and passion and how you can make shifts and changes in your life to make space for them. You will set yourself up in such a balanced way that when life throws you a curve ball you can navigate it with ease, instead of it throwing you into a downwards spiral and set you backwards.

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